Why I need a CCTV System

One third of all business failures have been linked to losses from employee theft. Video cameras defer theft by reducing the temptation that honest people feel.

Security cameras and monitoring systems in warehouses, on docks and in store rooms greatly reduce employee theft. Cameras monitoring rear entrances and side exits are often enough to reduce theft. Over forty percent of small businesses use video camera monitoring when they have a problem with employee theft of tools, products, money, and time.

Burglary – It takes an average of 1 minute and 30 seconds to take place. How much can you lose in 90 seconds?

Most burglary is done by non-professional criminals who look at the crime as an opportunity to take advantage of a situation. If a burglar has any idea he will be watched, he goes to a better opportunity. Next to locks, businesses report that security cameras are their primary choice for reducing burglary.
Training – Through the audio and video tape.

It is much easier to actually show an employee a situation or an incident than trying to explain it to them. It also offers the added advantage of being used as a positive tool rather than a negative one, simply show them the video and ask them if the situation could have been handled better or differently.

Liability & Insurance – Lessor Insurance Costs.

Many insurance companies will discount their premiums when CCTV and/or EAS is installed.

Customer Service – Can be improved by 20-25%.

You will see how your employees interact with your customers, how different situations are handled and if your customers are being treated as you want.

Shop Lifting – 1 out of 10 “customers” will shoplift in a retail business.

Shoplifters account for the number one reason small stores fail. It is estimated that ten percent of customers steal from stores. The typical thief is a senior citizen or a kid. House wives and college students often justify theft from stores and do not even view themselves as thieves.

Small shops with close proximity to small items are pilfered constantly. Video taping is the number one deterrent to shoplifting. Record stores, hobby and candy stores, cosmetic shops and pharmacies report dramatic reductions in theft by “five-finger discount” by using CCTV and/or EAS systems.

CCTV Importers has systems that can pay for themselves in shoplifting reduction. Don’t lose your business to “profit sharing” by customers, vendors or contractors.

Armed Robbery – Most violent of business related crimes and only 1 out of 250 happen in banks.

Armed robbery is the most dangerous and often violent of crimes business owners and employees face. A surveillance camera reduces crime greatly. An armed robber would rather go elsewhere than have video evidence linking him to the scene. When casing a potential crime scene, a criminal will often look directly at the camera. A review of taped crimes will often show the criminal was in the premises before he came back to commit the crime.

Employee Productivity – Increase production by 15 to 20% when they know they may be monitored by their employer.
Multiple Locations – Save time and money

By being able to monitor your multiple locations anytime from anywhere in the world by using any computer with Internet Explorer and an internet connection. You can even view multiple sites at the same time using our digital video recorders and their multi-client software.

Vendor Theft – This is an area of shrinkage which is commonly overlooked.

Vendors deliver supplies and products to your business. You don’t always have time to watch everything that they do. They may say they delivered 12 cases of this and 7 of that, but did they short you? They have easy access to your storage/warehouse areas by virtue of you trusting them, and some may take advantage of this easy access by helping themselves to items they have not paid for.

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